Why is The Evil Dead Rated NC 17?

Why is The Evil Dead Rated NC 17? The Evil Dead is a popular horror movie made by Sam Raimi. It was the first movie in the Evil Dead series and led to many sequels. On April 21, Evil Dead Rise, the fifth movie in the series, will come out. The movie tells the story of a group of friends who go to a house in the woods and accidentally let evil spirits out, which then take over each of them one by one.

The movie is well-known for its bloody violence, gore, and scary horror. After getting an X rating at first, it was changed to an NC-17 rating because it had so many scenes of violence, gore, and extreme fear. The movie is well-known for using physical effects and make-up to create violent and gruesome scenes that were too real and scary for their time. Here we discuss why is evil dead rated Nc 17.

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“The Evil Dead” received an NC-17 rating due to its explicit and intense depiction of violence and gore, which surpassed the limits of an R rating. The movie, directed by Sam Raimi and released in 1981, has become a cult classic in the horror genre, known for its extreme content that pushes the boundaries of traditional horror films. One of the main factors contributing to the NC-17 rating is the film’s graphic and realistic portrayal of violence. “Evil Dead” showcases scenes of dismemberment, bodily harm, and intense horror elements. The filmmakers aimed to create a visceral and shocking experience for viewers, utilizing explicit and detailed special effects to emphasize the  gruesome  nature of the film’s events


The Motion Picture Association (MPA), responsible for assigning film ratings in the United States, utilizes a set of guidelines to determine appropriate ratings. The NC-17 rating is reserved for movies deemed unsuitable for viewers under the age of 17. It signifies that the content of the film goes beyond what is considered acceptable for an R rating, which is typically restricted to viewers under 17 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The explicit violence depicted in “The Evil Dead” includes scenes of characters being brutally attacked by demonic forces, leading to intense physical trauma. The film does not shy away from showcasing blood, gore, and the consequences of these violent encounters. Such explicit and realistic portrayals of violence can have a profound impact on viewers, especially those who are more sensitive or impressionable.

 Moreover, the film’s narrative is built around a sense of dread and a relentless barrage of terrifying imagery. The relentless onslaught of horror elements, combined with the explicit violence, contributes to the film’s classification as NC-17. The intention was to create an atmosphere of intense horror and to shock audiences with its disturbing visuals and unsettling tone.

It is important to note that the rating system is subjective and can vary across different countries and cultures. The NC-17 rating for “The Evil Dead” reflects the MPA’s judgment regarding the extreme nature of the film’s content. This rating acts as a warning to viewers and ensures that the film is seen only by those who are of appropriate age and can handle its explicit and graphic content.

 Overall, “The Evil Dead” received an NC-17 rating due to its explicit and intense depiction of violence and gore. The film’s aim was to create a visceral and shocking horror experience, utilizing graphic special effects to emphasize the brutality of its scenes. The rating serves as a means to inform viewers about the extreme content of the film and restrict its access to a mature audience capable of handling such explicit and intense visuals.

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