Secret Invasion Review: MCU returns to form with Samuel L. Jackson starrer

With the start of Secret Invasion, the first new MCU TV show in 251 days, Marvel is back on Disney+. If you think that’s a long time, think about how long it’s taken Marvel to let Nick Fury take the lead. He asked Tony Stark about the Avenger Initiative in the scene after the credits of Iron Man, which was 5,528 days ago. After 15 years, Samuel L. Jackson is finally driving his own Marvel Studios car. Continue reading to learn more about the Secret Invasion review.

Secret Invasion: Storyline

It was a story about the Skrulls coming to Earth and taking over. During the event, it came out that a lot of heroes, criminals, and even important people in politics have been Skrulls over the years. The main thing they want to do is take over the Earth and all of its riches. Using their ability to change form, they spread doubt and fear among the heroes and regular people to make the world unstable.

The event had a big effect on the Marvel world because it turned out that many figures who had been around for a long time were Skrulls. Some people started to question every choice, story, event, and even everyday thing that these figures did. Was everything planned, or did it just happen?

Well, some fans still ask themselves that question today. As a result of what happened, the superhero community had to rethink how much they could trust each other, and the invasion’s effects were explored in more storylines. But now that the MCU version of the event has come out, let’s see what the first show has to offer.

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Secret Invasion Review
Secret Invasion Review
The series has an interesting background, but the story is driven by a complex web of lies and secrets. In the MCU, I like it when there are political games, real-life stories, and more serious events. And that’s why I was super excited to see Secret Invasion.
One of the few bad things about the show is how fast it moves. It does a good job of setting up the main struggle and introducing the main characters, but some scenes feel rushed and leave little room for the characters to grow. Given how big the attack was and how serious its effects were, the story could have moved a little more slowly to give the characters more time to show how they were feeling.
I had a strange feeling while watching this show that I was watching a movie that was meant to end in 30 minutes, which is not a good sign. At the end of the show, there are also some loose ends in the story. This might be done on purpose to keep viewers wondering and get them excited for the next show, but it does leave some open ends.
But because the source material is complicated and the story needs to be kept under control, these unanswered lines could be picked up in later episodes.

Cast: The performers are amazing in their roles.

One of the best players is Ben Mendelsohn. His performance as Talos is hypnotic. He shows how hard it is for him to choose between being loyal to his fellow Skrulls and learning to like Earth and its people. Even though he still wants to help them find a place to live, he knows that saving Earth from gravity is more important. He makes the story more interesting by making it hard to tell who is a friend and who is a foe.
Emilia Clarke and Kingsley Ben-Adir’s acting is also very powerful because of how they interact with the main characters. We know why they do what they do, what their goal is, and what choices we can expect from them. Or do we?
I cared a lot about playing Maria Hill in this show. She was the one who told Nick that leaving Earth after The Blip showed that he was selfish and afraid. We were shocked by her death because we knew how close she and Nick were. Her death is a reminder to him that he needs to get his act together and be a brave leader again. Even more so in this case. Olivia Coleman and Richard Dormer also played small parts in this show. But they were very clear.

Final Word

Overall, the first episode of Secret Invasion starts the show off with a bang, even though it was a little rough. It has a difficult plot and exciting acting, and it definitely sets up bigger turns and shocks to come. This series is a new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it looks like it will make people think about things like trust, identity, and the cost of war.

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