M3GAN Review: Family-friendly horror with brief gore

M3GAN, directed by Gerard Johnstone, is the first horror movie of 2023. So far, reviews have been good, so it will be a great start. Horror movies are still doing well in theaters, and even though there are a lot of reboots, sequels, and requels, audiences are still being surprised by new stories. M3GAN is one of them. It was written by Akela Cooper and James Wan and created by Wan and Jason Blum. It’s about a new kind of killer toy.

Gemma (Allison Williams), a clever roboticist who works at a toy company, takes care of her sister Cady (Violet McGraw) after her parents die in a car accident. Gemma uses artificial intelligence to make M3GAN, a real doll designed to be Cady’s best friend and help Gemma with parenting. But when the doll becomes self-aware and overprotective of Cady, she becomes violent and starts killing everyone in her way. Continue reading The M3GAN Review to learn more about the film.

M3GAN Review:


Allison Williams plays Gemma. She is a roboticist who works for a company that makes toys that can learn. At the movie’s beginning, her sister and brother-in-law die in a car accident, leaving her in charge of her nine-year-old niece, Cady (Violet McGraw). Even though Gemma works with toys, she has never worked with kids, which shows. She is awkward around Cady, doesn’t understand simple things like making sure kids have toys, and doesn’t like to talk about hard things like the death of her parents. Instead, Gemma speeds up the process of making a Model 3 Generative Android, or M3GAN, a new toy she has been working on.


M3GAN Review

M3GAN is a doll that syncs up with a kid, in this case, Cady, and learns from her. She has all kinds of fancy AI bells and whistles that let her know anything the child needs, from facts about condensation to how to draw and dance to how to hold a chat and listen well. Cady quickly falls in love with M3GAN. M3GAN falls just as quickly in love with Cady, but the effects are much more dangerous. Because, you see, M3GAN’s main goal is to keep Cady safe, both physically and mentally. So, when someone hurts Cady, it hurts M3GAN too. Then she stops looking like Raggedy Ann and starts looking more like The Terminator.


M3GAN doesn’t have any surprises. There is nothing big or unexpected about it. Part of that is because the second video, which was made by the marketing team, showed the whole movie. But even though that is true, M3GAN is still a great movie. It’s fun, funny, and strange all at the same time. One of the best shots in the movie is of M3GAN sitting on a toy table with stuffed teddy bears, puppies, and other toys all around him. Then there’s M3GAN, sitting still with a serious look on her face, which is blank and not quite human.


M3GAN is an amazing person. Because she was made with puppets, animatronics, visual effects, and a human character (Amie Donald, whose voice was done by Jenna Davis), it’s hard to tell when she’s real, fake, and a mix of both. M3GAN’s sound creation is a big part of what makes the character seem real. M3GAN whirred and clicked with almost every step, like gears moving.

Not so loud that it’s annoying, but loud enough to be noticed and show that M3GAN is a robot. Jenna Davis’s voice sounds especially happy in M3GAN, which makes her sound both happy and scary. The human players are great, too. Allison Williams played Gemma as an overworked aunt who thinks she has everything under control, as she always does. Especially impressive is the young actress Violet McGraw played Cady and was both sad and happy about the death of her parents and her new friend. She acts like a brat when she needs to and is kind when it’s the right time.


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It could be a better movie. A few minor plot points felt like they were thrown in, like a hint of corporate spying that comes up later but needs to be explored. The movie would have been fine without this detail. The movie also takes its time getting to any danger, but luckily, M3GAN is funny enough to keep the story moving.


M3GAN could end up being 2023’s Malignant. It doesn’t have an ending but is a strange and strangely funny movie. Director Gerard Johnstone hit it out of the park with his second movie. It’s not scary in the way that most scary things are, but it’s scary in the way that scary things are. As the world makes more progress in AI and robots, scary situations like these become more likely. Lucky for you, the weird picture of M3GAN twerking or driving a pricey sports car is enough to make you laugh through the pain.


Final Word

The lesson of the movie is that no matter how busy parents try to take care of their kids, nothing can take the place of real love. And the movie makes fun of the mistakes and problems caused by global companies competing for money. There aren’t many VFX scenes in the movie, so each scene has its own beauty. Meagan is a movie that people who like science fiction and scary movies can watch without getting bored.

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