Why did Rae and Lexi break up

The Ultimatum: Queer Love, Netflix’s newest date show, is unique in that it has an all-queer cast of women and non-binary people. This makes it a great show to watch during Pride Month. Rae and Lexi were one of the most popular couples in the new season, and fans didn’t know if they were still together or not. Are they back with each other? Are they dating? Check out the next part to see what happens between them.

Why did Rae and Lexi break up?


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After their trip on “The Ultimatum,” they hit a major turning point when they said yes to getting married. Then, they started excitedly making plans for their wedding. In the last episode, Rae told them how much she liked their relationship and how amazing the last year had been. Like most real-life couples, they didn’t stay happy for long. A title card showed, in a depressing way, that the couple’s relationship ended soon after they showed up at the group gathering.

At a press meeting for The Ultimatum, Lexi said that “We had a wonderful four and half years together, but when we are looking for a partner for life, there may be things that we want that are different, and things that we couldn’t see past the show.”

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Rae and Lexi
Rae and Lexi

The Ultimatum: gay Love, Netflix’s newest dating show, is unusual in that it has an all-female cast of non-binary and gay women. On Wednesday, Netflix aired its last two episodes, which included the pivotal Ultimatum Day. The couples were allowed to commit to marriage or split up. Later, the cast gathered for a reunion.

Lexi, her partner Raelyn Cheung-Sutton, and the show’s other interesting characters experienced several hurdles during their trip. These roadblocks included passionate debates about Rae’s trial marriage partner, Vanessa Papa. They wanted to take their relationship to the next level, so they got engaged. Lexi told everyone at the group gathering that she and Rae had chosen to break up, which meant that their relationship status had changed.


The Ultimatum: Queer Love: Are Lexi and Rae Married?


Rae and Lexi’s trip did not lead to them getting married. Lexi had been dating Rae for a long time, so she felt the need to give her an option. This turning point happened because Rae wasn’t sure she wanted to get married. The couple chose to go through a trial marriage to find out how they felt about each other.

Rae was trying to date Vanessa, and Lexi started a practice marriage with Mal. Rae and Lexi fought a lot about Rae’s friendship with Vanessa, and both of them said they didn’t like Vanessa.

Rae and Lexi could get past their problems and relearn how much they cared for each other. Everyone was surprised when Rae asked Lexi to marry him. In answer, Rae made a proposal to Lexi. It is important to remember that Rae and Lexi did not get married, even though they greatly loved each other.

Did Rae cheat on Lexi?

Netflix also seems to have made a mistake with its sounds. If you watch the end of the meeting with the audio description turned on, you can hear something that is not written on the screen.

The voiceover says Lexi thought Rae was cheating on her, so they called off the wedding. A TikToker pointed it out, and you can watch/listen to the clip here. It’s still in the show you can watch on Netflix if you go to “audio” and change to “English audio description.”

The text only says that Rae and Lexi broke up, so only people with the audio description turned on would have heard it.

Lexi is now in a new relationship


Lexi has started a new relationship, and she says that it has everything she was looking for but couldn’t find with Rae.

Lexi says that after her trial marriage with Mal, she wanted someone like her, even though she is still friends with Mal. Lexi and Mal still get along very well.

“I found somebody that gives me all of the love and happiness I felt with Mal, mixed with an intimacy that we’re exploring,” she tells Tudum. “That’s truly what I always wanted when I knew my relationship with Rae was ending — somebody that made me feel the way I felt when I was with Mal, and we were walking around San Diego calling each other our wives.”

After the meeting came out, Lexi went live on TikTok to talk about her new boyfriend, the famous photographer Zanc.

Even though Lexi has moved on, Rae is still happy to be single and has said she plans to move from Orange County to Los Angeles soon.


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