Why did they kill off Billy Baker in All-American, Was it the only way to end his story

Why did they kill off Billy Baker in All-American? All American Season 5 was eventually published on Netflix on May 23 after last aired on The CW on May 15. As predicted, the sports drama quickly rose to the top of the streamer’s top 10 list, placing second as of May 30. Many people are watching the new season, and questions about it are being asked all over the internet.

One of the mysteries surrounding the fifth season involves Coach Baker (Taye Diggs). People are curious about how he meets his untimely fate in All American Season 5. If you haven’t seen the full fifth season, you should probably stop reading now since we’re about to go into the spoiler zone. We will explain Why did they kill off Billy Baker in All American?, how Coach Baker dies in the fifth season, and why Taye Diggs chose to leave the famous sports drama series.

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Why did they kill off Billy Baker in All-American?

Why did they kill off Billy Baker in All-American
Why did they kill off Billy Baker in All-American

The creators of All American chose to kill Billy in the end because director Nkechi Okoro Carroll and Taye started talking about how Billy’s All American Journey was over, Nkechi said in an interview with Deadline.

During an interview with TV Line, Taye also gave some more background on the decision:

“I was having a great time. It was just a feeling that I got [that I was ready to leave], and I just honored that feeling. It was maybe the mid-fourth season. I don’t even remember, to be honest, because the showrunner and myself are close. We’d been keeping in contact, so she had known, and we’d been talking.”

He said, “And we decided how to do it, as well as storylines and other things, so it was all legal and everyone knew what was going on.”

How did Coach Baker die in All-American season 5?

Why did they kill off Billy Baker in All-American
Why did they kill off Billy Baker in All-American

In the eleventh episode of the fifth season, Coach Baker dies. The South Crenshaw High School football team, Coach Baker, and Asher are in a bus accident on the way home from a scouting meet. The bus driver loses control of the bus because of a flat tire. The bus finally falls off the edge of a cliff and lands on its side.

Everyone on the bus survives the crash and gets off, but Coach Baker notices that Jabari is still on the bus and goes back on to save him. Grace tells him not to get back on the bus, which is perched on the edge of the cliff, but he doesn’t listen. Even though we don’t see the scene where Coach Baker dies, Jordan and Grace tell Spencer, Olivia, and the others in the next scene. Coach Baker is thought to have died when the bus went over the edge of the cliff.

Why did Taye Diggs leave All-American?

Fans were sad when the character played by Taye Diggs died in the fifth season. He wouldn’t be able to come back to the show for future seasons because of this. But it looks like Diggs’s departure was chosen after the end of the fourth season and before plans were made for the fifth season. The showrunner, Nkechi Okoro Carroll, talked to Deadline about Diggs leaving the show.

Here’s what Nkechi Okoro Carroll had to say about Diggs leaving the sports drama:

“At the beginning and end of every season, I have a conversation with the cast about the journey of their character, and it was in those conversations for Taye that we started talking about, ‘Is Billy’s journey on the show over? And if so, what would an exit look like?’ To me, there was only ever one exit for Billy if he was leaving, because the character would never leave after fighting so hard for his family.

He’s not going to leave his wife and kids to go take a job in Florida. So I sort of set the tone of, if we feel like this is the right time, this is how it would happen. I knew going into Season 5 that was what we were going to do.”

“Everything that we lined up for Season 5 was knowing that in the middle of the season, they would lose Billy. It was very thought out in terms of what storyline we’d be building up to, so that him leaving at that moment would really impact our cast and allow us to really explore a new chapter of their lives in a different way with that loss so that it didn’t just feel arbitrary.”

Carroll says that at the end of the fourth season, she talked to Diggs about his exit and how it would happen. Diggs agreed that it felt like the right time and the right way for his character’s story to end.

Here’s what Diggs said about why he thought it was time for him to leave the show:

“I had done all that I could and this chapter had kind of closed and I was willing to try something else.”

So, it looks like Diggs left because he was ready to take on new responsibilities. We’re sad that Diggs won’t be in future seasons of the sports drama, but we’re excited to see what he’ll be in next.

Only on Netflix can you watch seasons 1 through 5 of All American.

Was Billy Baker’s death the only way to end his All-American story?

When Billy died in season 5 of All American, both the actors and the fans were shocked. Billy chose to go with Spencer even though he and Spencer were still fighting and Billy had just turned down a job at Golden Angeles University that would have taken him away from his family.

As Billy made up with Spencer and spent more time with the people he cared about, he still had a lot of stories to tell. People thought that Billy died because Diggs wanted to leave the show, but it turns out that All American had been planning Billy’s death since the end of season 4.
This is especially true after Billy had trouble connecting with and being there for his family for a few seasons, making it clear that it was time for him to leave. Carroll said, “Billy would never intentionally leave his family behind.”

Can Taye Diggs still come back as Billy Baker for All American Season 6?

Why did they kill off Billy Baker in All-American
Why did they kill off Billy Baker in All-American
Overall, Billy’s death doesn’t mean that his impact on All American won’t be felt in future seasons. For the rest of season 5, the characters talked about how sad they were about Billy’s death. Because the show took so long to celebrate and respect his death, his death will still be felt in season 6.

Even more, Taye Diggs has said that Billy could show up in flashbacks or dreams in future seasons, which suggests that fans haven’t seen the last of the popular football teacher.

Fans react to Billy’s death

Speaking of which, fans of All American have already started to share their thoughts and sadness on Twitter about Billy’s death.

Check out some of these tweets:

I don’t know what hurts worse the fact that Billy is gone and will never see him again , the fact that none of them got the proper goodbye , or the fact that Spencer is never gonna forgive himself for declining Billy call and that guilt gone stick with him heavily #AllAmerican pic.twitter.com/EUmxDsZlYL

— bbyyyalana🥀 (@Alana28191162) February 14, 2023

I can’t even deal with Simone and Damon right now… We just lost Coach Billy Baker…#AllAmerican#AllAmericanCW pic.twitter.com/piiZjCOF3H

— Natasha (@OnlyByNatasha) February 14, 2023

Only on Netflix can you watch seasons 1 through 5 of All American.

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