Anthony Carrigan divorce: The truth Has he split from Gia Olimp?

Is Anthony Carrigan really getting a divorce, or is it just a rumor? To find the answer, scroll down. Anthony Carrigan is a well-known and skilled actor who recently got a lot of attention for playing the gangster NoHo Hank on the TV show Barry. He has been nominated twice for a Primetime Emmy Award for his great playing and role in the show. He has been through a lot in his life to be successful, and he credits his wife with helping him get through it.

He has also appeared in other movies and TV shows besides Barry, such as The Undying, Satanic, The Flash, The Forgotten, and more. He is a well-known character because of these movies and TV shows, and over the years, he has gained a lot of fans who want to know more about his personal life.

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Who is Anthony Carrigan’s wife

Who is Anthony Carrigan's wife

On June 22, 2018, Carrigan and his wife, Gia Olimp, married. They don’t discuss their relationship publicly, and the star rarely posts photos of her on social media. However, he has talked about how he met his girlfriend.

He told Seth Meyers on NBC’s Late Night that he and Olimp met by chance on a train in New York in 2015.

The star and his Serbian wife were on the same train, and he got off at the wrong stop while looking at her.

His wife also got off at the wrong stop, so he didn’t have to go back to where he was. Instead, he walked up to her to talk.

They got along great, and the rest didn’t matter anymore.

Anthony Carrigan: The Truth About Divorce and Marriage

Anthony Carrigan divorce
Gia Olimp and Anthony Carrigan have had a great life together since they got married. We haven’t heard anything about their breakup or anything else bad about their marriage.
He also said that his life with his beautiful wife was “amazing,” especially when he woke up next to her.
Gia Olimp, who is Carrigan’s wonderful wife, is a good chess player. She has been his soul mate and helped him forget his problems over the years.
Gia is said to be from Serbia, while Carrigan is 39 years old and from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It’s too bad that Gia Olmips and her friend Anthony Carrigan are no longer on Wikipedia. Still, according to many sources, Olimp is a good chess player.
A few days ago, it was said online that actor Anthony Carrigan and actress Gia Olimp, who had been married for five years, were getting a divorce. Gia Olimp and Anthony Carrigan have been happy ever since they got married. We haven’t heard anything bad about their marriage or about them breaking up. We’ll put something new on our website as soon as we find something new.
He also said that being married to his loved wife was “amazing,” especially when he woke up next to her. Gia also said that she had never thought she could love someone so much before she met Carrigan. She said the singer was a “fellow of her fantasies and an extraordinary motivation.”
They spent time together as a married pair. One of their favorite things to do was play chess.

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