Why is Snapchat Saying Time Sensitive?

Why is Snapchat Saying Time Sensitive? Snapchat has rolled out a number of new features that have divided users. The release of its ChatGPT alternative My AI drew a lot of criticism, not only because of some of its weird responses, but also because it was pinned to the top of users’ chat feeds. Snapchat does warn that, like any AI chatbot, My AI is prone to hallucinations and can be duped into saying anything – much to the chagrin of many users since its release. Another change that has many users perplexed is the appearance of time-sensitive notifications, which began yesterday (May 9). But what do they mean, and can you disable them? Here’s what you should know.

What does Snapchat mean by time-sensitive notifications?

Time-sensitive notifications prioritize your notifications so that you don’t miss anything critical. Even if you have your phone set to do not disturb, these notifications will appear on your phone for one hour.
The feature is not specific to Snapchat and will be available on iOS smartphones in late 2021. Individual apps determine which notifications are time-sensitive and which are not. The Snapchat logo fills the entire screen of a phone, with a keyboard in the backdrop.
As a result, you can’t tell Snapchat or any other app which notifications you want to be categorized as time-sensitive and which you don’t. Instead, the only control you have is whether or not you wish to get the notifications. Fortunately, you can choose which notifications to receive on an app-by-app basis.
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How to disable Snapchat Saying Time Sensitive notifications?

Snapchat Saying Time Sensitive
Snapchat Saying Time Sensitive

To disable Snapchat Saying Time Sensitive notifications, click to Settings and then Snapchat. Then, in the Notifications section, toggle the part labeled “Time-sensitive” so that it is turned off.

This means that you’ll receive all of your Snapchat notifications in the order they arrived, and Snapchat will never favor some alerts over others.
It also means that you will not receive any notifications from the app if you have set your phone to a mode that indicates you do not wish to view them. In essence, notifications will function as they did prior to 2021, when the new feature was implemented. Some users believe that if something isn’t broken, it shouldn’t be fixed.

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